John Vickery : The Empire and Beyond

Scanning through the Onslows catalogue, one is drawn to this image from the excellent Outposts of Empire series.

John Vickery 5_1_l
John Vickery, Empire, Rhodesi

It seems that we have uncovered yet another enigma in the shape of Vickery, could this be the same man mixing with Jackson Pollock in New York ?

John Vickery (1906-1983[1]) was an Australian artist. He worked in the fields of painting, illustration and advertising. He is the only Australian artist to have been a part of the New York School.[2]

Vickery was born in Bunyip, Victoria in Australia in 1906.[1] He relocated to New York, New York in the United States in 1936. He was colleagues with Philip Guston, Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, and Willem de Kooning.[2]

He died in Califon, New Jersey in 1983.[1]

Then taking a look at this other Empire masterpiece, you just know it must be true.

John Vickery IMG_7492_large
John Vickery , Empire , Ceylon

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