A Tigers Tale

Taking a look at this poster

Brian Wildsmith Tiger download (9)
Brian Wildsmith Tiger



Made me think about the number of great children’s book illustrators have crossed over into the poster world. It then made me think about ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’

The book tells the story of an anthropomorphic tiger who irrupts afternoon tea. Sophie, the little girl, and her mother are joined by the giant feline who drinks all the drink, draining the pipes, and eats all the food, emptying the house. Once the tiger has left, the next day the family buy tiger food but the mysterious tiger never returns.

The short illustration was first published in 1968, after Judith Kerr was inspired by a zoo visit with her young daughter. It has a gone on to become one of the most popular and best selling stories of all time.

Judith Kerr Tiger 231768012

So what is it about the number of Tiger posters when there is hardly a cat to be found ?

You probably know where this is going now ?!

Yes, two magnificent posters from masters of the genre

First Tom Eckersley : I sold not one but two of these a couple of years back and realised belatedly what a clever optical illusion it is (rug or top hat ?)

tom-eckersley tiger
Tom Eckersley Tiger

Nice as this is, I think that the next one is even better

Abram Games tiger-zoo-poster.jpg
Abram Games tiger

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