Christies hangover

Just  received a copy of the November Christies catalogue in the post, flicking through I clocked a couple of posters because I have seen them before : recently

Firstly we have this anonymous Cunard poster, £1000 at Christies but £100 from the Saleroom in shall we say slightly worse condition

Cunard All parts 540x360 (1)
Cunard Line : Anonymous

I particularly like the way that the Travel Agents stamp is still there : adds an aura of authenticity.

Then there is the iconic Worlds Fair 1939 poster by the wonderfully named Nembard N Culin. This is shown being restored on the Poster Mountain website, the results are truly stunning !

Talking of auctions, Drewatt , Bloomsbury is now on line and like Onslows it seems to be in fine form. Have bookmarked a couple of items myself!

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