John Gilroy, not just the black stuff !

Looking at the era of Bert Thomas and Fougasse,  there were a lot of cartoonists in the poster industry for a while both sides of WW2.

One such was John Gilroy. Now certain artists are forever associated with one subject : Take Charles Schultz and Snoopy for example. I was under the impression that John Gilroy fell under the same category with his work for Guinness.

Not so, the first poster to break the stereotype is this one for P&O

Gilroy P&Oc5756e36f8a.jpg

Then I moved over to this famous poster which I had no idea was by the great man.

Gilroy Kitchen waste(pig_with_dustbin)_Artist_Gilroy

This particular image is much copied, there are several on line that seem to be ‘war papers’ reprints. The same goes for Guinness posters themselves, I would have absolutely no idea how to value those items so as a result have steered clear to date. Any idea how to spot an original Gilroy? I would love to know.

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