Let’s get personal (just for a moment)

So the blog has been running for 3 and a half months and it’s going well

So first of all thanks for the support !!

I have also included a profile pic,

My enthusiasm is not waning, in fact I keep coming across more and more things to feature. It is a never ending subject for sure.

Its getting a bit lonely out here in deepest Derbyshire though

So can I ask for some feedback : what would you like to see featured ? what could be improved? But more than anything I would love to field your poster related queries.

I have two email addresses : 365posterblog@gmail.com and paulhennessey@rocketmail.com. Feel free to use either. I will always check if you want the correspondence to feature in the blog or not so privacy is assured.

I was recently made redundant and so have some time on my hands : expect more posts !

I will also be offering some items for sale exclusively via the site so watch out for that area opening up.

Please keep coming back and those feedbacks and questions (or even a like) would be very much appreciated.

If you spot something that I would be interested or do a similar blog please let me know.

All my best


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