A browse through the Auctions

I’ll keep this brief, could literally be on this for days. The catalogues tell a lot of the story and Swann’s in particular is a site to behold (get it). View it in 3D mode.

It starts with some absolutely breathtaking Indian posters, one from our friend Austin Cooper, having been to the Sub Continent many times myself, I can only wonder at the idea of going up Mount Abu in a 30s Limousine !! As my kids would say ….. what ???

Hero of my last post : Fred Taylor is also featured in fine form

Moving around the world, Percy Trompf is an artist I certainly would like to find out more about, and due to the wonders of the web …. I can !!

Maurice Lauro’s Trouville likewise. A riot of activity and colour, will we ever see the like again ?


Into the former Eastern blocks and again we see the motif of a well to do limousine cruising, this time through the hot spots of Armenia and Georgia.

I could go on.

Next up for consideration in the UK is the GW Railwayana auction on the 21st. Some interesting items here, this one is worthy of consideration and provides stark contrast to Swann’s classic images. How did the UK become so quirky ?


It also reminds me of this year’s holiday.

I am looking at bidding on one of the lots in this auction, will let you know how I get on.

Finally for this post I will let you know how one of  my highlighted Paul Colin’s got on in Christies sale earlier this month.

The Leroy Glasses went for £11,875 : I certainly know how to pick em 🙂

Next week we will look at the Onslow’s Christmas auction which looks particularly strong this year.

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