Railwayana : the world of Buckle and Merriot

I may have already mentioned that this blog will not focus on ‘chocolate box’ railway posters yet in the UK the railwayana auction is a massive factor in the collectables scene.

Onslows aside, the two or 3 annual railway auctions give a good indication of the current state of the poster market.

Take last months Great Central Auction for example, nearly 40 posters went under the hammer.

Many classic seaside posters went for around £500 but the star of the show showing the irresistible alure of ww2 and railways was this dare i say simple effort which went for an eye watering £860


There was a nice Daphne Padden for £210

Padden IOM
Padden IOM

And also of course A Buckle and a Merriot

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