More British Exhibitionism : Christopher Nevinson

The world of posters is laced with genuine artists and one such is Christopher Nevinson

English painter. Son of H. W. Nevinson, the war correspondent and author. His formative years as a student were spent at the Slade School of Art (1909–12) in London. The Futurist Exhibition of March 1912, held at the Sackville Gallery, London, proved decisive for his development.

Futurism had by now become a catchword in London for anything new and outrageous, and the British avant-garde grew resentful of its influence. Nevinson continued to make Futurist paintings of machine-age London, celebrating the dynamism of the underground Tube trains, the traffic in the Strand, and a Bank Holiday crowd on Hampstead Heath

So we mix classic British Exhibition posters with the Avant Guard. This is interesting as it takes a classic 20s motif and twists it with the monochrome characters bottom left

Empire Exhibition Nevinson
Empire Exhibition Nevinson

Nevinson is a sublime artist as this next London Transport effort shows

Now is the season LT Nevinson
Now is the season LT Nevinson

As a result values for Nevinson posters can be extremely high and deservedly so !

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