Hidden gems of Ken Bromfield

Main Attraction Ken Bromfield


Certain names mark the era of this blog : Frank, Harry , Tom and now …… Ken.

For some reason despite 4 years looking at a lot of vintage posters, I have bot really come across the work of Kenneth Bromfield

Would love to tell you more about our Ken but even in today’s info age there isn’t a lot I can tell you about this particular witty artist.

We will have to be satisfied with these two gems

Main Attraction Ken Bromfield
Special Attraction Ken Bromfield

Who on earth would think of making a black hat as the main part of a poster …. genius.

Fit a supressor Ken Bromfield
Fit a suppressor Ken Bromfield

Again an obscure but fantastic reference point. You can’t stop a baby crying but …… . This is actually a GPO poster so …. fit a suppressor to your car so that you don’t interfere with the TV transmission. Part nanny state, part looking after the TV licence.

Hats off to Ken, can’t wait to see more of his posters

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