Russian renewal

Today’s blog is a steal : sorry Ebay seller ‘oldbestposter’

After my semi pretentious post on Russian constructivism, I had a search for a day to day image from the Soviet era. This was quite difficult as everything was military or workers related. I finally came across this for sale right now by Mikhail Mitryashkin

$_57 (5)

What is the story?

Well my new friend oldbestposter goes on to tell us.

A poster by Mikhail Mitryashkin is dedicated to the urban planning reform of 1959, when soviet country main task was to create housing for every family. The Head of State Nikita Khrushchev proclaimed the most important aim to create the maximum amount of cheap housing to guarantee the needs of population at least for 20-25 years. These houses were called “hruschoby”, word came from the compound of the name of General Secretary (Khrushev) and a slum (in Russian trusheba), which reminded areas with such houses. They did not look nor beautiful, nor convenience, tiny apartments with studio layout, however, gave families privacy after years of living in communal apartments, which still exist, especially in large cities. Khrushchev’s homes were built since 1985, despite the fact they had a lot of deffects. After 25 years houses were not demolished, new ideas in building did not come, people were not been able to buy commercial apartments. Until now these homes are used for their purpose! At that time people only rejoiced that they can move in just built apartment and live new life in the best country in the world.

Its effectively a welcome to the neighborhood poster for a new development, tree on the left and family moving in on the right. One of my favourites : a poster with hidden meaning.

Also look out on Ebay for two interesting Keep Britain Tidy posters by Reginald Mount.

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