German posters : from a straight eight to a Zeppelin over New York.

For some reason German posters don’t seem to carry the Cachet of the Russian or French (with the exception of Hohlwein who we will cover later. Nor do they seem to cover the whimsical element beloved in Britain. One aspect where German posters are highly regarded are cars and in particular Mercedes / Daimler / Benz and Porsche.

I guess they can be divided between showroom and racing, from the luxury showroom comes this poster from Ottofranz Kutscher 1921


And from the racing side 2 years later, this time by Julius Ussy Engelhard


Both nice images but somehow lacking a soul !

Overtaking these cars for spectacle is a fairly large selection of Zeppelin posters, they certainly have the wow factor


If you want to know more about zeppelin posters go to

There is an other worldliness here, hard to imagine now. I guess the most modern equivalent would be Concorde.

So the Zeppelin posters combine invention, travel, wow factor, sci Fi the golden age and a but of ww2 to boot. A heady mix.

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