Early Tom Purvis

Its not the intention of this blog to cover ww1 posters in great detail, as a social document they have their place but often they are uninspiring visually.  This is particularly true of those for defence bonds etc which I tend to  avoid like the plague.

My interest has been rekindled by the realisation that some of the big names of the 20’s started their work during the 14-18 war.

In particular our hero Tom Purvis


Interesting fact from Wikipedia, Purvis’s dad, a renowned artist in his own right, left the family to go abroad because the ships that he painted were being superceded., sounds odd but then it was 100 years ago.

I discovered a rare early Purvis poster recently and now its for sale, the start of his block colour design process is in evidence here


Fascinating link with the YMCA which I had assumed was an American invention : clearly not so !

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