Beer, posters and cycling

We have touched on my walk to the pub last week, whilst there I noticed a current advertising campaign for my favorite brewery : Thornbridge, turns out the artist is a Sheffield based Graphic Designer called Matthew Wood

download (5)

Now firstly the poster is very good, secondly it does exactly what a good poster should : gives a clear message with a contemporary theme, in this case MIL (look it up !) ,  thirdly it adapts the block colour imagery of Newbould et al and applies it in a modern way without the constraint of the litho process.

 There are also more where that came from if you’ve got a head for heights !


So great quality modern posters promoting a great quality product.

Time to pop open a Thornbridge Jaipur (not being paid honest !) thinking that these posters would make great Christmas presents.

On the other side of contemporary posters, my local train company : East Midlands has also adopted a colour block approach, I used to admire them but now the concept is looking rather tired


What do you guys think ?

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