Another Harry

Back from the dog show, didn’t get a rosette so feeling a bit ruff! So many dog names there yesterday. Ours is Finlay by the way ( or is it BTW?)

What’s in a name?  British poster artists seem to be either Tom Frank or Harry.

Harry Stevens brings a delightfully simple cartoon like quality to 60s and 70s design. His list of clients is impressive. From London Transport to the GPO and all points in between.

Taking inspiration from French artists like Moran with a large dose of 1950s Tom Eckersley.


We’ve already been through letterbox troubles, where would we have been in the60s and 70s without Harry explaining about Parcels and poscodes.


I have this nice example for sale at the moment, please let me know if you are interested.

Of course, for people of a certain vintage, Steven’s style can only be associated with one thing!





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