Boxing and Bathing Beauties : Charles Lemmel

Having said previously that pure product advertising posters are perhaps not as popular as travel for example, there are some interesting French items from the immediate post war period.

Charles Lemmel adopted an American style in line with the Hollywood stereotypes of the day, this was somewhat at odds with his French contemporaries

His young women are cheerful, healthy,  girl next door types, not hard to guess the inspiration for this one : (I have a copy of this in my Etsy shop)


This style, closely linked to fashion, is linked to a precise almost photographic drawing style.

He also did a long running series of sports related posters for drinks brand Bonal, this football version is one of my favorites as with a lot of good posters, the perspective is slightly unusual.


This is what I call a ‘cafe style’ poster which has a gap for that day’s special or promotion.

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