Herve Moran, cute, quaint, comic genius

French posters of the 50’s and 60’s are some of the most appealing of all and have a comic character all of their own.

Herve Moran was at the forefront of this movement

Today’s poster emphasises the wicked nature of chocolate.

Its got everything : the timeless theme of little red riding hood. Fairy Tales are more popular than ever. Its simple. Its got great colours and an overriding sense of fun. plus its got chocolate !! There really is nothing to dislike about this image.


Seeing this also makes me want to review my previous comments about product advertising posters. There are a number of French ones which fall into the highly desirable category.

Sometimes they are a little large though for some peoples tastes for example in the never ending series of posters for refrigerators. a chilling subject that may be revisited in future blogs.

Echos of this style in Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are from the same era don’t you think ?


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