Into the 6o’s and that letterbox problem !

It felt like we were focusing pre war but there is plenty of a later vintage to raise a smile.

Ever thought that the main problem with your mailbox was too much spam  ?

Believe it or not, I have suffered from the problem referred in our next poster


I bought an old postbox which looked great, but even small letters could not fit through. I guess the 60’s and before were carefree times when non standard was … well standard.

The artist for this one is Ronald Searle, one of Britain’s best cartoonists, check out his work for the original St Trinians movies. (Just looked into this and discovered that the cartoons pre date the movie.)

Interesting how letters have been superseded by emails and replaced by internet deliveries which need larger letterboxes.

I will leave you with another example of a problem most of us didn’t know existed .. who’d be a postie ?


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