How do posters survive ?

I’m breaking my one a day rule.

Courtesy of LT Museum and including the Zoo poster from earlier.

A typical print run in the 1920s was 1,000, of which 850 were required for posting on the system where they were displayed for one month.  The remaining 150 copies were available for purchase at the company’s head office for between about two and five shillings, depending on the printing cost.  Posters in demand with the public were invariably those which followed the more traditional artistic designs, such as Gregory Brown’s St Albans, Fred Taylor’s Kew and Dorothy Burroughes’ For the Zoo.  These three were all in the top ten of a bestsellers’ list which was announced by the Underground in 1923.


This ad came from a 1920’s Design magazine. The artists are listed around the outside. Amazing what you could pick up for a couple of shillings !

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