Original Munich Olympic poster 1972 by Allen Jones


40 by 25 inches
Condition B (repaired tears)
Edition 2. Limited to 4000

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On the occasion of the olympic games 1972, the “Edition Olympia GmbH”, in cooperation with the “Bruckmann KG – Munich”, produced a series of 29 artists posters.
There were three different editions:
Edition #1….200-250 original prints (lithographs and silkscreens) on heavy paper
Edition #2 4000 original prints (lithographs and silkscreens) on standard paper 102 x 64 cm,
with the printer mentioned in the imprint (Matthieu, Mourlot, Kroll).
Edition #3 was an open edition and is the most common. The printers name is not referred, simply stated is Printed in Germany.

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