1972 Pimlico for Tate Gallery LT poster by Hans Unger


40 by 25 inches
Overtype for sale to the public

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Hans Unger (1915 – 1975) was born in Prenzlau, Germany. He went to school in Berlin until
1933. In the mid-1930s he studied graphic art with the poster designer Jupp Wiertz in Berlin. In
1936 he emigrated to South Africa. When the Second World War broke out he enlisted in the
South African army. He was captured in North Africa by the Italian army but managed to escape
from a prisoner-of-war camp when Italy’s war effort collapsed. He moved to London in 1948,
working as a poster designer and graphic artist for a number of companies and organisations
including London Transport and the Post Office. The Unger Mosaic Workshop was set up by
Hans Unger with Eberhard Schulze ca. 1958 to design and produce mosaics and stained glass
windows. His major works included the design of stained glass windows for St Columba’s Church
in Chester, Astley Church in Manchester and the Pallottine Convent Chapel in Rochdale. He
designed mural mosaics for Lewisham Town Hall, London; the Royal Free Hospital, London;
Brasenose College, Oxford; and St Jude’s Church, Wigan.

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