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1950s French Advertising poster

25 by 10 inches


Smiths I Started Something advert

28cm by 10cm


Absolute Art brochure with cover by Warhol 1996 42 by 30cm

Large 8 page brochure showcasing the 100s of pieces making up this iconic 1990s Art campaign.


London Bastion of Liberty poster Kerry Lee circa 1950

A decorative mid-century tourist map of London and Westminster, a reduced version of the much larger quad-royal map published for British Railways. This particular example, published by Pictorial Maps Ltd on behalf of the Travel Association of Great Britain 61 by 47 cm, pictured under glass.


19660 Guinness Printers Proof Stanley Penn Sanders and Phillips

Printers proof could be ‘corrected’ into a regular poster. Its currently 95 by 47 inches, corrected size would be 84 by 40 inches. Example of final poster is in V&A collection Original folds, repair to RHS


1982 Rough Trade Calendar by Martyn Lambert

17 by 12 inches


2015 Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty poster Swarovski Nick Knight

23 by 17 inches Original folds


Original 1997 Warhol Chanel bag framed in box framed

Bag is 15 by 25cm


Pop Art poster 1973

18 by 25 inches approx


Misfits poster Norwich School of Art circa 1972

20 by 24 inches


Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables poster 1980

36 by 24 inches Original folds


Original New Order poster from 2012

59 by 42 cm


Circa 1980s British Rail to Ireland poster

40 by 25 inches Wrinkles


London 1948 Olympic poster Olympic Museum Edition

Pictured under glass 90 by 60cm


1950s ROSPA Poster by Manfried Reiss

30 by 20 inches


Large Christian Dior poster by Rene Gruau 1980

Double sided 173 by 118 cm Signs of use, condition B


Original London 2012 poster Michael Craig-Martin

60 by 80cm


Sundance London 2021 quad poster

40 by 30 inches


Pair of 1990s Britpop posters

1. Blur Leisure Original tour poster 1991 25 by 35 inches Condition B (small scuffs) 2. Suede by Peter Saville 30 by 20 inches


Pair of Graphic posters 1972 & 1988

Hans Unger Pimlico 1972 40 by 25 inches As original issue overprinted at the bottom for sale to the public 1988 House on Carroll Street Polish poster by Eugeniusz Skorwider. 67 by 96cm Pinholes to corners


1972 Jacques Tati US 1 sheet

27 by 41 inches Original folds


ICA Chrysanthemum Exhibition poster Kohei Suguira 1968

Approx 20 by 35 inches Original folds


British Airways Racing poster 1974

30 by 20 inches


Bohemian Rhaposody poster by Splash .. Official Product

25 by 35 inches


Queen Poster for single Its a Hard Life

24 by 33.5 inches


Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert poster Wembley 1992

By Splash; Official product 25 by 34.5 inches Creases


McKnight Kauffer ww2 American poster

14.5 by 11.5 inches Backed on card


UK Quad Strada Federico Fellini

30 by 40 inches


UK Quad Dancer

30 by 40 inches Some damage


1960s GPO poster Keeping in Touch No2.

36 by 30 inches approx.


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